Day 72: Last Day

Good morning Nordic skiers and snowshoers! Unless we receive a massive snowstorm in the near future, today will be our last day for the season =(  …but what a great season it has been!! Tons of great snow and fond memories!! Thank you so much for your patronage and we look forward to seeing you next year!! Remember, next year’s ski side season’s pass includes Nordic trail access so we hope to see many new faces as well as return visits!! 

Ski rentals are still available today though snowshoes will not be offered. Today’s trail pass will just be $5!!! We’ll be open until 5pm, come celebrate the last hurrah!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 72: Last Day

  1. Audrey Balander says:

    Just Wanted to thank Katie, Gordy, Megan , and Eric for really pulling together to make the Greek Peak Nordic Center a wonderful place to ski once again. The people really made it special. Thanks for contributing to one of the best winters I have had in a very long time. Audrey

    • Glad you had such a great winter, we were more than happy to assist!! ..with a little help from Mother Nature of course!! Thanks for keeping us company on the quiet days and sharing so much insight and information to help us move forward!! Take care in the off season and we’ll see you next year!!!

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