Happy MLK Day!

I’m proud that our country celebrates the exemplary American and person Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Wish he was around today.

It’s also nice to have a holiday on a Monday, and it’s extra nice for us at the Nordic Center when the cross-country conditions are as nice as they are today on that holiday.  Steady stream of skiers coming in earlier today, from beginner to advanced skier – we have trails for every ability level!


Open again!

Hey Nordic Folks!

We are indeed open. 98% of the trails are opened and those trails were all groomed last night!

Come Visit me in the Warming/Rental Hut today from 10am-5pm!


Promising site…

Last night the storm hit us and we got roughly a foot of snow or more!! We will not open today (Saturday 13, 2018), but we will be grooming the trails today to be open tomorrow. Stay tuned to the blog to see what we were able to get groomed.

See you on the trails tomorrow!


Can’t seem to win!

Winter one day, summer the next? Rain in the forecast… yea, I know… We’ve made the call to stay closed for the weekend unless Saturday brings enough snow to make miracles happen. We’ll update you if so! If not, hope to see you next weekend!

We’ve relocated to Antarctica!?!

Happy New Year everyone! Winter is certainly upon us, and in rare form! Due to incredibly low temperatures, high winds and subsequent wind chill, we have decided to keep the Nordic Center closed Friday, January 5th. The same decision will likely be made for Saturday, January 6th. We plan to groom and be open Sunday, January 7th from 10am-5pm.

Temperatures agree..

..but the wind and precipitation have not thus far. The official word is that it is unlikely we will be open for any of the holiday period. We will re-evaluate our options throughout the upcoming week, cross our fingers for some natural snow and tentatively open Friday, January 5.

In the meantime, if you will be visiting the area anyway, downhill skiing is open and the trail count continues to steadily climb! The Adventure Center Mountain Coaster & Snow Tubing will be operating daily through the holiday period and the Water Park will be open all day each day as well! Check out greekpeak.net for details on all resort activities…including our NYE celebration!

Getting closer…

While the temperatures are cooperating and we have seen some fresh snow, it is unfortunately still not enough to get groomed and open for operations. Still some snow in the forecast; stay tuned….

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

…we could open soon! Mother Nature gave us early optimism this year and then threw a rainy temper tantrum. Looks like she may be in the holiday spirit, ready to gift some some snow on Sunday! If all works in our favor, we will be out grooming Tuesday morning and plan to operate daily from 9am-5pm until January 1, 2018. After that day we’ll return to our regular operating schedule of 9am-5pm Fri-Sun. Stay tuned for updates!

Slow Down Melting

It’s been a good week and weekend, from stomping down the blizzarded-in trails to sending a couple dozen groups on their merry way to explore them.  I’ve gotten used to spending a lot of time at the Nordic Center, and attached, even, you could say.  But it’s almost time to leave my precious trails for a few days and see what else in going on in the world.  The weather does not look that friendly to skiers for the next few days, but we have a very good base established, so here’s hoping we make it to next weekend!  Til then, there’s some good off-hours skiing to be had here – check it out on a weekday and you’ll have the place to yourself.  (It’s fun, trust me…)

Why We Do It

So nice out there today it verges on perfection.  Firm and fast this morning, but I expect things to loosen up as the temperature climbs above freezing by the afternoon.  Isn’t it nice that it’s light until 7? Cross-country ski season seems to be on borrowed time for the rest of the year, so come and enjoy while this round of snowfall is in its prime!