Cue the Sad Music

Alas, the Nordic Center is just not snowy enough to open the rental hut today. Too much melting from yesterday’s rain and warm temps. You can come and ski with your own gear, just hike up Lucky Beech or Flying Squirrel til you find enough snow!

Expect the same conditions til further notice.  Thanks!

All about that base…

It may look mighty green on your drive here, but we’ve got miles and miles of trails covered by a well-established base, bare and icy here and there, but most everything’s in good skiable shape, with a good skating surface from Friday’s grooming, and some skied-in tracks.  Ski off that Christmas dinner!

Looks Gloomy but there’s snow!

We’re back for another season and hoping for better than last year!!! All trails were groomed yesterday but barely saw any traffic…come out and enjoy! The warm temperatures are thinning things out though! Rentals & Warming Hut open 9am-5pm today! *We will be closed for rentals tomorrow but the trails are open for your enjoyment provided it doesn’t get too warm!*

Blink and you miss it!

It was pretty good skiing here yesterday and early this morning, but now, meh.  Probably want to head for the downhill side where there’s some base, or come up with another way to spend your afternoon.   We had a good run there, but probably not going to be open for business this afternoon or tomorrow.  See you next snow!

What is this, Scant – dinavia?

It’s not that I’m complaining,

It’s We’d benefit from a little snow.

But by neither hope nor Ouijan prophecy will it

Deign to come down upon us.

Yes, Olympia brought us a pretty good dump, but also

Freezing rain droplets on the eyes land.  Ick!

I don’t mean to rush, uh, but I must go, lad, via

the doorway and see what skier is toning a muscle out there.

It could be my friend Peter, though he’s now known as



Ain’t he?


See you at the nordic center this weekend, but know that if you try to interrupt me:

I’m a  Lett. You, Finnish.


Life in the Clamshell

Ten degrees outside at ten am, and the styrofoam squeak of the snow is like a container for keeping yesterday’s food.  Yes, it is no longer fresh.  This old and cold snow has been around since Thursday, has been kneaded and massaged by forty-something pairs of skis since then, has been tamped down and packed onto the trails like a dry rub for the earth.  So thanks, everyone who’s come in this busy weekend, for doing for our situation here what grooming alone could not:  compacting the latest modest snowfall into a layer solid enough that, with a little help from winter storm Olympia today and tomorrow, it will see you next weekend.  Warming up to the mid-twenties, with snow off and on all day.  Bring a lunch.

Gastronomy, part 2

Open again for skiing, snowshoeing and rentals at the Nordic center.  If you could make a two inch thick cake two out of equal parts powdered sugar and fine sea salt by spreading it on the ground and  baking it in the freezing wind for a couple of days, that would describe the snow conditions we are serving to you here today.  We don’t have what you might call a “base”, and no new grooming to report (not enough new snow for that), so more or less natural conditions, but…… The sun is out! There is no wind!  and the temperature is almost above zero!

So come hungry.

Gustatory Delights

Somewhere between whipped cream and ice cream describes the snow texture today, to me anyway.  Maybe I’m just hungry.  Grooming during the week (thanks, Katie!) has helped to establish the beginnings of a base again, and nearly everything appears skiable.  I would stick to the wooded trails today- Lucky Beech, West Maze, and Lost Trail will keep you out of the wind.  The heater’s cranking in the warming hut and the bathrooms are toasty as always, so get after it!

Looking a bit more like winter!

Temperatures dropped and snow has fallen! The accompanying winds took quite a bit with them but we were able to effectively groom a fair amount of trails. Coverage is unfortunately still thin but with the low forecast temperatures, the trails should be open this weekend! Rentals and the Warming Hut will be open Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm. If your ski legs can’t wait until the weekend, come on out today or tomorrow, drop $5 in the honor box & enjoy!

If I was Mother Nature’s mom…

…she’d be grounded for months! What is this weather?!?! Trails will be closed for skiing and snowshoeing until further notice, we have lost our natural snow coverage =( You can, however still rent and ride fat bikes on them! Rentals will be available at the Adventure Center during our operating hours (Tuesday & Thursday 3-6pm, Friday 3-9pm, Saturday 10am-9pm & Sunday 10am-4pm) and we ask that you drop a $5 trail fee in the honor box outside the pavilion. Stay tuned for more Nordic updates, we’re staying optimistic!!!