Bridge built to connect East and West Brook!!!!

Hello everyone!

This past weekend we built the 40′ bridge that connects east and west brook. This opens up great opportunities to ski a whole circuit, considering we also have lost trail on track to be reopened this year! We’re excited!!! Now all we need is snow!!!

We hope to see you soon!!





Looking forward to the 2015 season!!

Hello Everyone!

As winter is coming we are getting the trails ready for the snow! We are holding a Nordic trail work day this Saturday, November 7th, 2015. We will be building a 40 ft. bridge that connects east brook and west brook that got washed out last year. We will also be tackling lucky beech for leveling and drainage work!! Come out and join if you can!!!

Were also going to be hosting a winter scavenger hunt on December 12, 2015!!! Come enjoy the fun. For more information take a look at our events page!!!

See you soon!!

See you next year!

Thank you for a great season everyone! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Mother Nature is as kind to us next winter!

Enjoy the sun and snow!

Snow here is just about perfect- skating is great, and the classic tracks are still intact. We still have 8+ inches of base in many places, and the top inch is soft and fast. The snow is not going to be here much longer, so come on down while you still can! It’s certainly a nice enough day for some great spring skiing.

3/29/15- Some nice sunny skiing!

Yesterday was a bit icy, but with today’s sun and warmer air temperatures, the snow should be rocking by 11:30 or noon. Come one down, our rental equipment is freshly waxed and ready to go! we still have almost every trail open, skate or classic.


Once again, conditions are phenomenal up here.  If you’re reading this and on the fence about coming up to ski, think about this:  The snow will be gone in a few weeks or less.  Some day in July or August, when it’s hot and humid and buggy (use your imagination!) a crisp, slightly cold sunny day skiing on a dusting of fresh powder is going to sound pretty appealing.  Get it in now while you can and store that memory!

Spring is Here! (really?)

Technically, yes.  Looking around, it is very much still winter.  We are 100% open and groomed, the end is not in sight.  Some of the best conditions of the entire year, in fact, with a couple inches of fresh snow on top of a 6″+ SOLID base that is not going anywhere for at least 10 more days.  Come and get it……

Sun and Powder!

Thanks to a couple more inches of powder, it is a great day to cross country ski!  All trails are groomed and it looks great out there!  The rental hut will be open until 5 pm today.

More snow equals more time!

It’s as simple as that, folks. The only question is, how much longer does today’s storm keep us open?  With close to 100% of our trails open, and in good to great condition, the best nordic skiing of the season may be yet to come for us….  I want to note once again our policy concerning trail usage when we are not open: Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other dayany time before we open in the morning, and after we close at the end of the day, you are welcome to park to the side of the driveway, before you reach the gate that may be open but will most likely be closed.  Our facilities are locked at these times, but our groomed trails are available for skiing, snowshoeing, or fat-tire biking.  Please no dogs or humans on foot, ever – we have a stiff foot and a half of snow in a lot of places.  Not only is walking (post-holing, rather) very unpleasant for walking, it makes the intended use of the trails harder.  Greek Peak season’s pass holders (nordic and alpine sides) use is free of charge, other users please deposit $5 per visit in the wooden box to the left of the entrance to our rental building.  Thanks very much for visiting the Nordic Center!

Sun Time, Ski Time

The sun is great out there! Warmer temperatures mean fast skate skiing conditions! Definitely a great day to be out on the trails.

We will be open until dusk, make sure to stop by!


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