It seems that’s all folks

We held our breath for the “Winter Storm” and saw some snow but not enough to write home about…or to allow us to re-open. Thank you all for a great season and we look forward to serving you in 2019-20!


What a beautiful day!

The 60 degree weather and brilliant sunshine is great, however not terribly friendly to the natural snow on the trails. Pretty spring-like out there. Gets colder this weekend but it isn’t looking like we’re going to get any or enough snow to groom & re-open for rentals. Keep an eye out for any updates but we may have already passed our last day for the season.

The Mountain is still open for spring skiing conditions and the Adventure Center & Waterpark will be rocking all year!

3rd Annual Spartan Race this weekend

The Nordic Center will be closed this weekend, March 9 & 10 as we host the Spartan Race for a 3rd consecutive year. We plan to re-open the following weekend if Mother Nature agrees!

Groomed up but warm

Packed things in early this morning to set in for the weekend. A bit on the warm side today so hoping things will stay put! Trail access for now, rentals available on request 10am-11am & 1pm-2pm tomorrow & Sunday. Call the number in the pavilion for the Adventure Center & someone will be on their way!

Trail access only

Thin & crusty – no rentals or warming hut today but feel free to get out there and play before it’s all gone!

get it while it’s cold

We are open today, with thin but effective cover on just about all our trails.  The cold makes for great gliding and climbing conditions, but it’s nice and toasty in the warming hut!

Snowing but still not enough

We’ll post when we’re able to open! Feel free to brave it on your own equipment in the meantime

Mother Nature is confused again

Warm + rain = no natural snow. Some sloppy patches if you’re brave and bold but rentals & the warming hut will not be available until further notice. All Greek Peak outlets are available for extended hours for the President’s week holiday, stop over to the Adventure Center for snow tubing or a few rides on the Mountain Coaster, Splash like it’s summertime at Cascades Indoor Waterpark or make some turns on the downhill slopes!

It’s cold again but..

Unfortunately the 50 degree weather and rain has wiped out our base. There are some sporadic patches here and there.. if you’re feeling froggy, you’re welcome to leap! We however, will not be on site and will not be offering rentals or access to the warming hut. Because of our dependency on all natural snow, we will remain closed until we see some significant groom-able snowfall.  When it’s here, we’ll be the 1st to let you know…stay tuned!

Woot Woot

It’s a sunny Groundhog Day here in Virgil, you know what that means: ten degrees and warming fast, the snow has that certain squeak to it…  In short, the coverage and grooming are better than they’ve been all season today, and the cold snap is letting up, so come ski it, and you will believe it!!!

*(Or snowshoe, or maybe sit-ski)