Slow Down Melting

It’s been a good week and weekend, from stomping down the blizzarded-in trails to sending a couple dozen groups on their merry way to explore them.  I’ve gotten used to spending a lot of time at the Nordic Center, and attached, even, you could say.  But it’s almost time to leave my precious trails for a few days and see what else in going on in the world.  The weather does not look that friendly to skiers for the next few days, but we have a very good base established, so here’s hoping we make it to next weekend!  Til then, there’s some good off-hours skiing to be had here – check it out on a weekday and you’ll have the place to yourself.  (It’s fun, trust me…)


Why We Do It

So nice out there today it verges on perfection.  Firm and fast this morning, but I expect things to loosen up as the temperature climbs above freezing by the afternoon.  Isn’t it nice that it’s light until 7? Cross-country ski season seems to be on borrowed time for the rest of the year, so come and enjoy while this round of snowfall is in its prime!

Stella packed a punch.

But we here at the Nordic Center punch back.  Taking a short break from an epic 2-day grooming session to let you know that we are ready for you this weekend!  15+ km of trails times 2-odd feet of snow equals a lot of packing before it can be a smooth, even surface that can hold a skier or snowshoer without sinking.  But that is why I’m here.

Rocking the honor box

With the warmer temperatures and the sunshine, we will not be offering Rentals for the remainder of the week. We do still have a good volume of snow in the woods, holding strong against Mother Nature’s ever chaotic personality! If you’d like to come check it out, we ask a $5 trail use fee be placed in the Honor Box at the Pavilion. Season’s Pass holders enjoy free use of our trails any day =) Cross your fingers for more snow!

Still kicking (and gliding)!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me repeat a frequent theme in these posts:

Pay no attention to the bare ground in the place that you are thinking of coming here FROM.  It’s all about the conditions in the place you’re coming TO.  As the only one currently at the Nordic Center, I am by default the authority on those conditions.  So let me tell you:  We’re in a shady hollow, at some elevation, in a snowbelt that has been holding up the pants of many a storm in the last two weeks, and we have a firm base of snow stubbornly clinging to at least half of our terrain, and it’s going to last at least through today.  So there you go.  No excuses.  See you soon.

Time for some quality control

It’s the calm after the storm this Monday morning, following a beautiful and busy weekend.  The rental shop and warming hut are open because…  it’s a holiday week!  I know, not for everyone, but if you’re out of school or otherwise enabled to get out and play, today is a good day.  We’re only charging 5 bucks today! The base is STILL holding out (Thanks, grooming and thanks shady woods!) and surface conditions are firm and frozen – for now!  I’ve got to do a little field research before I can update which trails are fantastic and which are merely skiable.  Tough job.


Slushies are good. The flavored kind. The ones that give you a headache when you drink them too fast. Slushy snow just doesn’t have the same appeal, especially when you’re trying to ski on it. We’re trying though. We were able to groom some of the trails this morning, including setting tracks where we could, and there is still snow in most places. It’s going to be another gorgeous day, so stop in today, or call ahead, and we will make sure it’s worth your time.

Taking Advantage

There are some things in life you should take advantage of, and there are some things you shouldn’t. Opportunity? Yes. People? No. Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of opportunity available to take advantage of. And by opportunity, I mean snow, sun, skis, and shoes (snowshoes that is). We’ll see you soon 😉

Get It While It’s Hot.. err, cold!

What a week! Let’s recap. Last Friday started with 6 inches of fresh snow groomed to be the start of our new base. Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day, and we saw lots of use in all forms – skis, snowshoes, and even some fat bikes. Sunday was what we’ve been waiting for. Although we didn’t see much traffic due to poor road conditions, we did see snow, and lots of it. The snow continued at various times throughout the week, and because of that we were able to come in and do some grooming on Wednesday.

Fast forward to today. It’s a beautiful Friday morning, our base has been replenished, trails are groomed, and tracks are being set as I write this (we’re really good at multi-tasking). Today should stay in the 30s, but Saturday and Sunday are looking to be a little warmer with a high 50F on Saturday and a high of 41F on Sunday.

With all that in consideration, its looking to be a prime weekend for all things Nordic Center. Stop in and say hello, and let us set you up for a great day outdoors!


Do you have snow?

That’s what you’re thinking, right?  It’s Sunday morning, you’re considering trying to go cross-country  skiing today, but it’s raining in Ithaca (Binghamton, Syracuse, Elmira, you get the idea) and you’re not sure if it’s going to be worth the effort.

Let me clear that up for you.

Um, yes.  We have some snow.  You could say we have a lot of snow.  You could say it’s snowing right now in a major-event kind of way.  You could also say that, were you to hop in your car at, say, 11 am and begin a pleasant Sunday drive over this way from one of the aforementioned cities, you may soon find yourself halfway here, praying you don’t start to fishtail , clutching your steering wheel with all the white-knuckled grip you have while you lean out your window and, with the other hand, try to smack your windshield wiper free while your face and lap are instantly filled with that snow you were wondering about.

At least that describes my drive over here this morning.  And the way it looks, I’m here until it stops snowing.  Not really sure when that will be, not anytime soon from the looks of it.  My point is, you can probably wait a little bit.  Unless you want to come by snowmobile (or maybe you have a tank), you’re probably going to find the driving a little treacherous.  And speaking of waiting, we were waiting for a storm like this, right?  Something to give the Nordic trails substantial snow cover to fill in every last rough spot.  I’ve been waiting all winter for it.  So you can wait another hour or two to see it for yourself.  And then, when the roads look safe, stop waiting and ski it.  Looking to groom this beautiful mess later this afternoon or whenever it calms down.  And then, my friends, it’s looking like a good week of skiing!

Remember:  while our rental booth and warming hut are open Friday to Sunday 10 am to 5 pm (as well as all week during Holidays like the upcoming President’s week), our trails are open 24/7/365!  Don’t forget to visit the donation box next to the door to the rental booth (suggested donation: $5).  Thanks for your support!